Simple. Effective.

At RoundTableHQ we design and build innovative products for the meetings and events industry.

We use the latest technologies to deliver incredibly powerful applications. Then we make that technology invisible to our customers. They just see a great product, that's a pleasure to use.

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We design as a team.

We're called RoundTableHQ because there's no head of the table in our development meetings. It's a meeting of the minds and everyone's voice and ideas is as important as the next. Ideas are key, but ruthlessly refining those ideas to deliver the simplest, most effective solution is the hard part. That's what we excel at. No need to complicate matters - just streamline processes to the point where time & money are saved.

  • Our products make a difference. They all:
    • Integrate seamlessly with existing workflows
    • Require very little training
    • Directly result in productivity gains
  • Our staff are a brilliant combination of software and meeting professionals. We:
    • Have a unique industry understanding
    • Live on the cutting edge of web technology
    • Create products that go beyond simply meeting a list of features
  • Security is our foundation stone. We are:
    • Fully PCI Compliant to Level 1
    • Certified by Security Metrics
    • Safe Harbor certified


These things are our baseline. They're also the reason that simple can be hard.


We're proud of what we create.


Event registration made easy.

  • Beautiful, effective registration micro-sites
  • Powerful, simple administration
  • Realtime updates
  • Permission based reporting
  • Attendee self-management
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